Short Term Rehab

Following illness or inpatient surgery, some patients require additional time to fully recover. Short-term rehabilitation is a level of care for patients who no longer require hospitalization but still need medically supervised services.

Short-term Rehab at Betsy Ross Nursing & Rehabilitation Center focuses on easing the transition from hospital to home following a serious illness or surgery. We cover a great number of care needs, from orthopedic, stroke and neurological rehabilitation, to post-operative care, and advanced wound management. The goal of therapy is to increase independence and help prepare patients for returning home. Our expert care team creates individualized treatment plans that outline therapeutic recovery goals focused on restoring patients to their prior level of activity.

Our team-based approach is designed to help patients achieve their recovery goals and return home faster and with greater comfort and safety. We view family members as an integral part of the rehabilitation team, and know that they play a large factor in a speedy recovery. We have enjoyed watching a great number of patients over the years who, with the help of our short-term rehabilitation team, have returned home to their families and previous lives.