What private insurances do you accept?
We accept most major insurances, please call for more information.


What information do you need upon admission?
Insurance cards, prescription cards, Power of Attorney, and any current Advance Directive.


Do you accept new admissions 7 days a week?


What are your visiting hours?
Our visiting hours are 24 open hours a day.


Do you offer respite services?
Yes.  You can make a reservation with Social Services, based on availability.


Am I guaranteed 100 days of Medicare coverage?
No.  Your Medicare coverage is based on qualifying for a skilled service.


What do I need to do to get on the waiting list?
You will need a referral from an outside agency including a PRI (Patient Review Instrument) and screen and a completed application. Call us for more information.


Can I share a room with my spouse?


How much is cable TV?


How much is telephone service?
All arrangements are made privately through Verizon.


Can I have my own doctor?
No.  We are a closed facility.  Our medical director will oversee your care.


How do I know if my loved one should go into a nursing home?

Typically when he/she requires 24 hour skilled care due to address a clinical need or safety concern  (repeat falls, wandering).

What types of safety measures are in place for residents who may wander?

Betsy Ross has a 24 bed locked special needs unit.  In addition, any resident who is determined to be an elopement risk is required to wear a wanderguard bracelet, and have their picture ID kept on each unit.


How do I know if my loved one is in pain if they are unable to tell me?

Some things to look for may be facial grimacing, change in behavior (increased anger/discomfort), loss of appetite, limited movement or decrease in endurance.


What type of therapy do you provide?

Therapy services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology provided at the written order of a physician.  These services are available up to 6 days per week.